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Q & A with Dan Walsh AKA the 'Rascal’

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

We caught up with Dan the founder and creator of the delicious new Rascal Gin. We sampled a bottle, and it made our Friday night! So have a read and give it a try.

Who are you and why have you created Rascal?

After a substantial bout of being a musician / teacher I found a calling into the world of gin about five years ago. To be brutally honest I’ve created Rascal partly because of my fascination with flavour, but also in a bid escape the clutches of sneaky, abusive corporate structures.

What inspired the Gin?

I took an interest in cocktail creation and following much experimentation I was particularly keen on tropical flavours. Pornstar Martinis were a key point of reference within my research.

Is there a story behind the gin?

Having been involved in Tinker Gin previously, Rascal has taken influence from the citrusy structure of the gin, but not the corporate structure of the company. The company currently consists of just me. The intention is to do something pure, grounded and honest… With un-compromised personality… That hopefully looks and tastes banging.

What inspired the name?

Over the years I’ve got myself a bit of a reputation for having a potty mouth, particularly when doing masterclasses… Rascal seemed fitting with its cheeky, playful connotations.

Is there a meaning to the butterfly and anchor?

Yes, the butterfly is symbolic of transformation, which primarily seemed appropriate for this new chapter of a project. Once a Tinker now a Rascal. The anchor is a symbol of Liverpool, a renowned port, the home of Rascal. Also both elements are derived from tattoo artwork I have. It’s all quite personal to me really.

What makes it unique from other gins out there?

Beyond the narrative, I’d say the most distinctive aspect is the pronounced tropical aroma and flavour. Fruity but not sweet.

What’s the best way to serve Rascal?

Rascal is totally open to experimentation, as gin drinkers we are all so different these days so the search for the personalised serve is encouraged. The tropical flavours are so flexible with different citrus, fruits, herb and tonic combinations so you can have lots of fun with it. Bit of orange and classic tonic is a good place to start for me.

What are the key flavours/botanicals?

Classic botanical base, citrus driven London Dry style, lemon and orange peels. Uniquely twisted with tropical passion fruit and a touch of raspberry.

What are your plans with Rascal Gin?

As I’m flying solo with no marketing budget, things will likely remain small scale. My promotional plan is to focus on events. Hopefully then I’ll get the vital feedback from consumers to see if Rascal stands out amongst the massive range of gins already out there. Fingers crossed!

And finally is there anything else you want to mention we haven’t asked?

Yes!! There's still some batch one bottles available available directly from £35rrp so don't miss out.

Please give us a follow on Facebook,Insta & Twitter @rascalgin

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